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“Things to Live For” Coming Soon!

September 23rd, 2014 4 comments

Yes, I’m awful at keeping this site updated. I’ve been buried neck-deep in writing and hush-hush secret projects, and I haven’t really had anything big to announce or talk about.  And, as always, I figured silence was preferable to idle chitchat (see my flash story “Not the Destination” – that’s as close to a mission statement as I’m likely to get).

But now I’ve actually got something cool to share!

My story, “Things to Live For,” is just a couple of weeks days away from publication. It’s appearing in Pulp Literature #4.  Pulp Literature is a great cross-genre magazine, and I suggest you check it out, support their mission, and, of course, read my story.  (There’ll be both physical and e-book editions.)

“Things to Live For” is a bit of a departure for me. It’s a surprisingly up-beat story, and the editors at Pulp Literature recently called it “charming.”  So … new territory all around.

It starts like this:

I was taking a piss and I fell over. (…)

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